Digital Marketing Minute June 13, 2016

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8 Tips to get more from Pinterest for your business

By Jessica Safko, Canva

Have you heard the analogy that Pinterest is like a big, world-wide scrapbook?

It’s spot on — Pinterest exists for people to come together to gather, collect and share snapshots of their own ideas, memories, and interests.

In the early days of the social networking platform, that was all Pinterest really was. A simple place for people to come together and scrapbook. It was a collectively personal experience that gave the world something nice.

These days, Pinterest is more than just a nice global scrapbook. With 100 million active users (emphasis on the “active”), it’s now being used by some of the biggest companies on the planet to build awareness, drive traffic to their websites, and sell.

If you’re behind the 8-ball when it comes to leveraging Pinterest for your business, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll cover off 5 key topics:

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How to get 10 times more clicks

By Ritika Tiwari, Canva

Did you know a carousel ad on Facebook and Instagram can get you 10 times more clicks than the normal ads?

With more images, a carousel ad can increase click through rates, and most importantly, engagement. Put simply, a carousel ad is one that displays a series of images, not just the one.  It’s only been a few months since Facebook introduced the new advertising features, and there are already good reports coming in.

When FoodPanda tested carousel ads on Facebook for the first time, they found out that their click through rates had increased by 180% and the campaigns cost per install had gone down by 39%.  Truth is, carousel ads can offer you a huge competitive advantage because not a lot of brands are using them, or using them well.

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Twitter for Business: 10 Case Studies and What You Can Learn From Them

By By Ritika Tiwari, Canva

On average, 6,000 tweets are sent on Twitter in a single second. This corresponds to 500 million tweets in a day.  ‘Til now, Twitter has claimed to register over 1.3 billion users, out of which 100 million users are active on the micro-blogging website every day.

Among those users are your brand’s target audience. If you play your cards right, you can reap all the benefits of this massive social media platform.

But, Twitter can be tricky. You only get 140-characters and there is no edit button anywhere, which means your one mistake could reach millions in a second. That’s why it is important to play smart.

One way to do that is to maximize the impact of your tweet with data-driven design hacks

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