Digital Marketing Minute July 11th, 2016

Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Monday, July 11 in Digital Trends.


New Snapchat Feature Will Massively Change the Way You Share Photos

by Karissa Bell for Mashable

Snapchat is changing up the way users share photos in a major way.

The app is introducing a new feature called memories, which allows you to save photos you take in the app and share them again later.

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Now Feel This: Immersion Releases “First Haptic Design Toolkit”

by Barry Levine for Marketing Land

Someday soon, it might become commonplace to feel a car’s motor or the shake of a martini-in-progress on mobile video ads, if a newly released haptic toolkit from Immersion catches hold.

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Eight Things To Do When Developing Your Mobile Marketing Plan

by AJ Agrawal for Forbes

With most of the world accessing the Internet for information from mobile devices, mobile marketing is a must. Business executives rely on mobile devices to access information just as much, if not more, than consumers. The fact of the matter is, the world is more likely to have a mobile device in their hand instead of a computer and catering to trends and demand results in larger profits and brand stability.

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